I’m on a quest.

A quest to find a real life virtual reality experience.

Is that a contradiction? No. As my readers know, I am writing a book about VR. The book takes place at a school and the school has a gaming platform that introduces students to VR experiences. The only problem is that this is very futuristic I am finding out. 

The science behind this type of experience isn’t outrageous, but finding a local VR experience is.

It turns out that out-of-body experiences are not necessarily something that happens to people who are out of their minds or crazy. This according to an article I read in Science Live. While wearing virtual reality goggles, people are fed fake versions of themselves get swung at with a hammer experienced the actions as if it were being done to their own bodies.

New virtual reality experiments show the brain can be tricked into believing it is outside the body, lending credence to the strange claims of some patients and shedding light on how the brain might generate its “self-image.”

“But that may change, now [that] virtual reality offers a way to manipulate full-body perception more systematically and probe out-of-body experiences,” said Olaf Blanke, a Swiss Federal Institute of Technology neuroscientist.

My quest continues. Maybe I need to visit a science lab at a university for first ever VR experience. And really, I need to have this type of experience as part of the research process for my book. I have read about this, written on it, and imagined what it would be like … extensively. Now it is time to experience it. It still sounds funny though because what I want to experience is in part an altered reality.

I hope my first experience isn’t as boring as this person pictured.