It is important to pick the right names for your fiction characters. Recently I was naming my villain’s sidekick or assistant. I toyed with Number One, but that was taken by  that other guy.

I couldn’t use Mini Me 

Here are some tips before I reveal my character’s name. Before that first sentence is written, you come upon an unsettling discovery. You don’t know your character’s name! Often, new characters are not forthcoming with their names, and you have to rack your brain to come up with one, instantly short-circuiting the writing process.

Consider your story’s setting. 

If you are writing science fiction, then the name will be different from if you’re writing realistic fiction.

Create your own name.

I think this is a fun process, but it takes time. You can reverse the letters of a name or mix the letters up. This can take on symbolic meaning for your character too.

Compare other character names.

The name has to gel with other people or characters in your story. I try to use several characters from different races in my stories. The shorter the name the better in my opinion.

And the winner is….Zero. You have to admit it works in science fiction and it is slightly humorous. Zero is a perfect accent to Vector, my stories villain. What do you think? Let me know.