It is alive! I will create the ultimate villain. Wicked, yet personal. Funny, yet brilliant. My creation will come to life.

Here we go readers. My villain is named Vector and his assistant is his first officer named Zero. Get it? Vector was sucked into cyberspace and now dwells in a video game. His evil intention is to destroy the planet Firewall, which will obliterate the gaming system and ultimately the data center of a school.

Enter Devon. He is the books hero. Enough about him.

Vector was disfigured in the cyberspace accident. He is a hybrid robot with several characteristics including a rye sense of humor. Check out this scene.

Vector’s gaze shifted toward the bridge of his ship and met the eyes of his assistant. The Pong rushed to Vector’s side.

“Well don’t just stand there, what news do you bring?” Vector stated with robotic tone.

“Commander,” the robot stated mechanically. “We are right on schedule. Every cycle, we gain more ships. Soon, every Pong ship will be assimilated.”

The Pong named Zero remained in position looking eager to share more information.

 “Let me guess, your joints have rusted and you can’t move from your pathetic pose.” Vector bellowed.

“No, Commander, I make it a habit of getting all my parts lubed and regularly.”

“What is it before I turn you into scrap metal?”

Zero adjusted his head to the side and then answered Vector. “There is a preliminary report of a player from Firewall. A rogue soldier and his accomplice.”

Zero stood and waited.

“Well, give the report or do I need to trade you in for a model that actually talks?” Vector said with irritation glaring at Zero.

“A Firewall soldier named Devon Riley has almost beat the first level of the game Firewall.”

“So what.” Vector sounded perturbed.

“He is battling to take over one of our ships,” the Pong continued. “If he continues at his current pace, he could beat the game and pose a threat to our operation.”

“Impossible…how could a soldier pose ….” Vector hovered toward the Pong like a ghoul.

Though most Pongs could not feel emotion or fear, Vector’s assistant appeared almost nervous at Vector’s approach. But it was only curiosity. “I sense you are angry, Commander.”

“Finally, your circuits are firing. Of course I’m angry and do you know why?”

The Pong hesitated too long.

“Don’t answer that. I have a feeling your CPU is already at its maximum capacity. What do we do with all threats, Zero? This is not a trick question.”

“Yes, Commander.” The Pong appeared to be confused.

Vector hovered up and away from the Pong and toward a window that overlooked cyberspace. He slammed his robotic fist down on the sill. “Eliminate him!” His voice echoed throughout the bridge and down the hallways of his gruesome ship.

“Yes, Commander. Yes, sir. Consider it done.”

“During the next game cycle, take him out. Send our best Pong assassins and deal with this threat.” Vector paused, lost in his anger. “Is that clear?”

“Yes,” the Pong stated with mechanical certainty.