As I stated in my last post, kids love to laugh. In fact, most kids prefer humor to mulling over a scientific theory. I’m sorry, but kids are fun machines at heart. As an author it is my job to fit in my complex ideas with a twist of pucker my face lemon or a kick in butt laughter. By popular demand, I have more tips for the author struggling with humor. By the way, that’s me.

Ready, set, internet….cause I cannot think of jokes on my own…..I can but I need a little jump-start.

Wiki-how is the site today. Really I found some great tips. Check out these ideas about how to make your antagonist more depth.

  1. What kind of humor varies depending on who you’re directing it from. If it’s from the chief villain than clumsiness will not do at all but this can be made okay if it’s from an incompetent henchmen.

    Dad Wants Cheesecake. Aftershave? Only after cake.

  2. One of the best ways to make a villain funny is to make him/her sarcastic and wise-cracking. This works especially well if the villain is downright evil as it shows just how ruthless they are.
  3. If you’re going for the sarcastic direct sometimes it’s better if the villain knows how to be serious. For example in the video game Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time the villain Ganondorf constantly makes fun of the protagonist (calling him “kid”, calling his weapons “toys” and saying that he likes him before attempting to kill the hero) but ultimately is serious when he needs be.
  4. Sometimes you can make the villain do dark humor rather than sarcasm. This may not work if it is directed towards a young audience but otherwise can be made particularly good. An excellent example is the Joker from the Dark Knight where he pretended to entertain some Mafia Dons by doing a magic trick (making a pencil disappear) then using it to kill a thug that tries to kill him then sliding his corpse off the table thus making it disappear.
  5. If you want to make the villain sarcastic non-stop then make sure that it’s done masterfully… or at the very least humorously. In the film Osmosis Jones the villain Thrax strangles the eponymous protagonist in the climax with a chain saying, “You want this chain? Then here take it!”
  6. If you’re choosing a klutzy henchman don’t overdo it. If they make klutzy decisions then make it infrequent.