Since the 80s, gaming and entertainment buffs have been obsessed with virtual reality. Unfortunately, what we see in the movies and T.V. has somehow been out of reach for the typical gamer. Developing this type of technology, where the gamer truly inhabits the game is finally starting to become a reality though. Two Russian brothers recently have cracked the VR code by simply putting prospective gamers, for lack of a better phrase, a giant hamster ball. The VR headset is equipped with scopes that measure the position of the gamer’s head and swivel the view of the game. Gamers enter the ball and, thanks to the wheels on which it is mounted, are able to walk indefinitely within the virtual world just as they could in the real one. While you need a large room and a jumpsuit to enter this “world,” the fact remains that it’s the closest we’ve ever come to true virtual reality and is yet another marker that the future imagined 30 years ago is now the present.

This technology is in part what my gamers use in a book I’m writing called, Sucked into Cyberspace. Check out this video and be amazed.