Virtual Reality Comes to a School Near You

As I searched for the technology behind virtual reality games, I happened upon The Gadget Show. I actually already knew what I wanted my VR simulator to look and act like, but research is an important part of any book. As it turned out, I got it on the mark. In my book, Sucked in Cyberspace, I envisioned a game room for students with several VR simulators. Here’s a quote from the book.

“In the center of the room, the group virtual reality consoles appeared like round spacecrafts lit up and ready for takeoff. Devon could feel the nervousness build as he prepared to sit down. He and Mina picked a console area and plugged in.

The console lit up and a black dome rose from the floor to form a digital fortress around them. The virtual dome clicked at the base of the floor. The operating system initiated the countdown sequence. Then Devon felt the ground below his feet vibrate. He stepped backward instinctively. The floor responded to his shift in weight and direction keeping him in the center of the dome.

Devon sensed he was on some kind of belt drive. What he did not know was that the game was a cross between a computer simulation and a 3-D movie. The dome provided some of the background and holographic images, while the glasses served as a visual connection to the gaming world.

The Virtual Laser Tag world appeared as the streaming began in his virtual glasses. The three dimensional world hovered all around stretching out further than he could see or imagine. Devon quickly realized he stood in the desert; however, the atmosphere lacked heat, wind, and reptiles. Suddenly, the laser gun appeared at his side. As Devon moved, he saw other avatars in every direction.”

That’s what I had in mind. The following video integrates certain aspects of this. Check it out at this address. The Gadget Show.