Recently I read an article in Superhero Nation. This is a great site to help the writer polish their craft. I am often able to zip through action scenes, but when I can’t it is great to read this list and get refocused. I’d have to say that I had writer’s block there for a couple of days over this chapter I was writing. I found that the scene was important to the book as every chapter is, but this chapter was pivotal and I needed to make it stand out.

In my book, my character Devon is about to beat a game level. This has never been done by such a youngster. Well, I needed to crank up the tension so that his victory seemed more incredible. Originally, I wanted to get right into the action, but what was required involved more tension. I think it worked. My critique group will tell me when they read the chapter.

Action sequences and other intense scenes usually need to be fast-paced.  Here are a variety of tips to help you pick up the pace.

1. Eliminate unnecessary description.

2. Focus on shorter, simpler sentences.

3. Cut back on adjectives and adverbs.

4. Stick to what is actually happening. Not what happened ten minutes ago, not what the character thinks is going to happen.

5. Make your narrator disappear.

6. Keep the conversations as short and tense as possible. This is definitely not the time for chatting.

7. I recommend limiting the conversations to two (maybe three) characters.

8. Please don’t have the POV character start monologuing.

9. Pull your camera in close.