Branding is an important concept to understand for any serious author. When other writers and readers think of you, what type of author do you want to be known as? Are you a children’s author? Do you write for adults or for a certain gender? For me, the answer is fairly easy now that I have found my niche, but that wasn’t always the case.

Ever since I started reading books, I have enjoyed working with words.  The words to stories were always floating around in my head trying to get out on paper. It was as if the words of poets and story tellers had been poured into me, and I finally became ready to give back what I was given. I started with poems. I recall reading famous poets and getting the urge to copy their style.  During college the urge became stronger, but there were too many papers to write for classes. Finally, wouldn’t you know it, I became a teacher. The itch to write was poured into my students and teaching them to write. Finally, the impulse to write my own stories overwhelmed me. And yes, I have been writing ever since.

Once I discovered the art and skill of  weaving words together into a finely knit tale, I have loved story telling. But it wasn’t until more recently that I discovered children’s books. I am in many ways a product of my life experiences and I am a children’s author.