Teachers assign reading homework to help students practice reading fluency and comprehension. When students complete reading homework, they also practice grammar, pronunciation and language reasoning skills.

Reading homework can take several forms. Sometimes, teachers will ask students to read a short chapter or article for homework. They may ask students to answer comprehension questions for homework or simply quiz them the next day. You can help your child by asking him or her questions about the text and having a discussion. When children discuss a text, they engage with it and comprehend it.

Reading homework can also be a long term project, like a book report. If your child has to do a book report, help him or her pick out an interesting book. Since students can usually select their own book report books, they should choose books they really enjoy. Read the book with your child and engage him or her in discussions.

Children will find reading homework easier if they practice reading constantly. Encourage your child to read for pleasure for at least 30 minutes a day or more.