Really, why should you read this book? A good question indeed.

Daniel Silva is a New York Times Bestseller, and he knows how to thread a story together.

This much is true.

At the most basic level, The Messenger is about Gabriel Allon and a mission he accepts.

Allon is a strong, compassionate, and approachable central character.

Gabriel Allon feels authentic to me throughout the book as well.

He is of all things an art restorer turned spy.

Moreover, the story is set in the present so it speaks to real issues.

Here is basic plot: Thanks Wikipedia

“A laptop of a terrorist mastermind falls into the possession of the Office, Gabriel Allon suspects an imminent attack upon the Pope. He warns his friend Luigi Donati, the Pope’s personal secretary, in time to tighten security and personally investigate likely terrorist suspects among the Vatican’s staff. However, the Pope ignores Gabriel’s suggestion that a large outdoor ceremony be moved into an enclosed—and more secure—structure. That disregard proves fatal when three suicide bombers cause more than 700 deaths among worshipers. Gabriel rescues the Pope just as more terrorists arrive to shoot missiles at the Basilica.”

And that is just the beginning. The rest is an adrenaline rush.

And of course there is art involved because, of course, Allon is an art restorer.

You have got to read this book!