I took my son to Golfland today. What a splendid time we had out there on the putting greens.

It took us a while to get warmed up, but after the second round, we did.

We started to do well. I think we each putted a few holes in one and plenty of two putts.

A strange sight met my eyes when we wandered near the lawn by the water slides, though.

All the moms were reading. That in itself is not strange, but it was the manner in which one

lady was enjoying her book that caught my eye.

She had a Kindle or a Nook. It wasn’t an iPad.

She had that contraption open and was enjoying a good book.

Other ladies had regular books out too, but the sight struck me.

Of course there were cell phones galore and iTouches everywhere in sight.

But I had never seen a Kindle in action. It looked like a pleasurable experience.

Is this how we will be reading books in the future? It is hard to say.

Not too long ago, people could only enjoy a game or software application in the privacy of the home.

Those days are over. The new norm is that you can take your computer wherever you go.

Books, computer programs and games, and even a magazine are at your fingertips with the new technology.