Remember that part of the book where the author takes you in a different direction?

The plot twist is a great literary tool. I am still discovering how to use it.

John Grisham knows how. He does it at regular intervals in his books.

Remember The Testament?

Troy Phelan, an eccentric and elderly billionaire, commits suicide minutes

after leaving his fortune to an illegitimate daughter, Rachel Lane, instead of his six children by three marriages.

His reason is revulsion to years of fighting with,

and embarrassment from, his family, as well as their greed —

much of which was due to his neglect of his children and multiple affairs.

His lawyers are now tasked with protecting Troy’s wishes as well as finding the heiress.

Nate O’Riley, a high-powered litigation lawyer

and now recovering alcoholic, is sent to Brazil,

where Rachel is believed to be living as a missionary.

The journey into the South America nearly kills Nate,

but finally he and his guide locate the tribe with which Rachel Lane is living.

And what does Rachel do?

She refuses the legacy or anything connected with it.

What a twist and what a book.

What is your favorite plot twist?

I think we love to be tricked. I know I do.