How did you spend your Fourth of July?

I am sure that most people saw a few fireworks on the fourth.

You probably went to a BBQ, got sunburned, and ate a hamburger.

Busy . . . busy! Oddly, my 4th was fireworks free and very relaxing.

My wife and I went to Adin, California. For those of you who don’t know Adin,

it is located in Lassen County near Bieber and Fall River.

Every year my wife’s family has an annual meeting at a quaint, almost finished lodge called Aspen Meadows.

What a splendid time we had. And the reason we thrived was because we were forced to relax.

We talked, we ate . . . we ate, we talked. Lots of story telling.

There is something about being close to nature that clears the mind and inspires the soul.

I was able to make some progress on a manuscript too. And of course I was able to do some fishing.

I think we all need time away from the responsibilities and pressures of the city.

Got writer’s block? Can’t get past that chapter on a book your crafting?

Not feeling inspired to write that poem or song.

Head for Adin, California. Better yet, visit a relative that lives in a rural area.