By far my favorite genre to write is children’s fiction.

Give me a character, a setting, and a few challenges and I am lost in a story.

The creative juices flow when I work with words.

I begin to imagine my characters taking on new adventures.

Suddenly, they are meeting new people and overcoming obstacles.

Currently, I writing a story about an insect who must save the town of Riverbank.

Usually, I try to think of a character who is unique in some way.

I surround him with similar characters and put him in an unusual setting.

The story begins.

Stink Bomb must save the town of Riverbank from the crawlers who are

led by none other than Arac and Nid.

Stink Bomb is a hero of sorts with a secret weapon that sends his enemies running.

That’s right, you guessed it, he can spray his enemies with a lethal spray.

Here’s an excerpt:

           “Move away from the bug. And I mean now!” Stink Bomb said smartly. Stink Bomb flew to land below the black beetle.

            Stink Bomb had not seen the spider in the shadows, though.

            Slowly, Nid crept toward Stink Bomb. But his progress was stopped short by a wave of odor. Nid shrank back into the shadows.

            “Thank you, Stink Bomb. You saved me,” the beetle said.

            “I’ve got your exoskeleton!” Stink Bomb said. “No worries. Slow moving snails need not be afraid.

Stink Bomb is there by your shell. He is a friend to hard working ants and beetles like you.”

            Stink Bomb smiled handsomely. He stood tall in his armored shell. Proudly, he looked on.

His black and yellow colors shone brightly on the dark evening.

            “Uh, Stink Bomb? Could you get me down, please?” the beetle asked.

            “But of course,” Stink Bomb replied.

            Stink Bomb flew up to the beetle and cut him loose with a swipe of his leg.

            “Ahh!” the beetle screamed as he fell to the ground. Thud!

            “I thought you knew how to fly, beetle,” Stink Bomb added. “It’s time to start using those wings little fella.”

He flew down and landed to meet the beetle.