Ugh! The irony of it all!

My computer has a virus, malware, or Trojan.

Good grief! The range of emotions are overwhelming.

Anger, frustration, unbelief are visiting me as I write.

The crazy thing is that the more I am on the computer,

the greater my chances of getting infected.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.

And I have been on the computer quite a bit

starting this blog, writing, searching the web.

What gets me is that I am also writng a book on this subject.


Cameron Cruise FiringLine is a story about a boy who games on the compter.

He is confronted with a lot of unsavory characters.

He gets an education on how dangerous the internet can be.

Unfortunately, I can suddenly relate to my leading character. I am starting to feel his pain.

And the pain is in my pocketbook.