Alright teens and preteens. This is your chance to tell us parents your reasons for gaming.

What are the top five reasons to game.

My son and I always have the discussion as to why he likes to game so much.

I tell him how unproductive gaming is. He tells me — well, he tells me nothing.

Honestly, it is me doing all the talking.

“I understand that gaming on CrossFire can be a blast!” I say. No pun intended.

“But how can you spend two hours or more shooting bad guys?” I ask.

My son keeps on playing. “I don’t know, dad.”

“Come on. Give me something.” I reply.

I hear the click of the mouse as he continues to game. “Hey buddy? Talk to me.”

“I can tell I don’t have your full attention,” I counter.

“Dad, I’m busy,” he replies.

So give me your top five reasons. Why is gaming such a thrill?