Some experts say there are reasons why we should game.

In an article I read, this guy said that gaming is good for you.

“A group of 10 male college students who started out as non-gamers

and then received 30 hours of training on first-person action video games

showed a substantial increase in their ability to see objects accurately in a cluttered space,

compared to 10 non-gamers given the same test,” said Daphne Bevelier of the University of Rochester.

A guy named Ben Silverman says that “Though in its infancy, the burgeoning field of gaming as a means to contend

with the negative effects of ADHD was bolstered by a Cornell study

demonstrating the positive effects of video game training in ADHD-afflicted youth.

Even at an early age, kids seemed to respond well to games as a treatment method,

showing significant improvement over their non-gaming peers.”

Does this sound sensible?