What do you do with your children over the summer?

School is out! These are the words many kids have waited to hear.

Free from homework, tests, getting up early, or keeping up with scheduled activities.

Teenagers may look forward to a summer of taking it slow, sleeping late, and hanging out with friends.

Taking a break is healthy and refreshing for teens, yet relaxing can grow dull quickly.

That’s when your help and encouragement can go a long way toward helping your child find interesting things to do.

My son is in summer school for one month. He was not exactly thrilled about the idea

but he is adjusting. He’s even made a few friends.

He will go to Hume Lake as soon as summer school is over.

I have found that I must keep him busy during the summer or he will watch TV,

game, and lay around. What are some activities you have found productive?