Cameron fired his M110 sniper rifle with morbid precision.

He aimed and let another round off at his enemy’s torso.

The cross hairs signaled the entry of each bullet to his wary eyes.

The guard vibrated from the impact, went down with a thud, and stayed down.

The semi-automatic let off several rounds with little noise, but dead on the mark.

Cruise gazed at the horizon for a brief moment as he waited for his next target to come into view.

He paused lost in thought. The hot afternoon sun beat down on Cameron Cruise.

The heat felt intense in the Afghan hills this time of year, but Cruise held the discomfort at bay.

Still, the sun swirled with humidity causing beads of sweat to pool on his forehead and dribble down Cameron’s face and cheeks like water.

Cruise wiped the sweat away with his glove and stayed focused.

His body hugged the rocky earth tensely.

His position beyond the entrance of the warehouse gave him the view he needed in order to pick off the guards that appeared.

One guard lay dead on the outside of the warehouse and soon another would come into view and join him, Cameron sensed.

Cruise squeezed the trigger lightly letting the bullet through the chamber, through the barrel, and sending a reverberation of the rifle butt back at his face.

“He’s down. Time to move out,” Cameron Cruise whispered.

Cruise rose elegantly and switched guns with little effort.

He needed an AK47 in this situation.

“The element of surprise will be gone in moments,” Cruise said glibly to himself as he nimbly walked across the rocky earth.

Gaming has become an obsession in this country. And Cameron Cruise is hooked.

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