Are you a gamer? My son is.

Right now my son is gaming with his friend in the living room.

It sounds like they are loving every minute of their time.

I hear crazy voices, laughing, and shouting. And the sounds from the game they are playing gives me pause.

Guns are blazing in that room. I guess I should be happy.

Even though they are fairly noisy, the activity sounds relatively calm.

But here’s the thing, I’m not happy. I am concerned.
Gaming is what many young boys do for fun these days.

Sure, they watch tv too, but gaming is the choice whether it’s the Wii,

Nintendo, computer, or or . . . I go crazy just thinking about it.

There are so many gaming systems and so many gamers out there.
Don’t even think about suggesting that they go outside for ten minutes.

They will be right back on the game in no time.

Kids don’t like to go outside much in California these days.

I wonder what it is like in other states? In sunny California, boys and girls alike

tend to spend a lot of time with media related activities.

They spend little time playing outside and time in front of screens.

I see this as a huge problem. Some parents pay it no mind, but I know my son can’t live without it very long. And my son plays only a few hours in the summer.

I have a timer during the year so that I can give him the responsibility of self regulation.
About ten minutes ago when I asked my son to go outside, I got no response.

I will ask again and maybe he will get some fresh air.
“Clay, why don’t you and your friend go out and play!” I shout.

No response. I try again. There’s a little debate. Finally, he is going to get some fresh air.